Company Profile

Who We Are

As a real estate investment and development firm, our key to successful projects is a legacy of long-term partnerships with other proven industry leaders. Because every project presents unique challenges and requires exceptional flexibility, partnering with leading professional service organizations yields superior results.

History & Experience

Founded in 2003, Integral Northwest’s primary focus is the development, management, and operations of our varied and diverse real estate assets throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Identifying and seizing niche opportunities in the dynamic, and constantly changing marketplace demands two things: insight gained from a half century of combined experience in residential, commercial, and industrial development, and the confidence acquired in succeeding as a team while making timely, targeted decisions.

Our passion for excellence and creative teamwork has consistently grown over the past decade. We believe that growth will continue—creating and stewarding superior projects that will support and enhance the surrounding neighborhoods, benefitting our residents, neighbors and communities alike.